Bonner County History - Aug. 11, 2019

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50 Years Ago

Sandpoint News-Bulletin

Aug. 11, 1969 — PEE WEE TITLISTS

Coach Gary Sass led his Ravens to the little tykes’ crown for the second straight year. Team members are Jerry Bergh, Kevin Bangeman, Bobby Warwick, Rocky Lee, Tim Sass, Dave Sass, Mark Pitts, Dale Bergman, Jay Lane, Roy Spiller, Randall Schmautz and Mickey Adams.



Pack River Lumber Co. has concentrated most of its office operations for the Dover Tenex plant and the Colburn lumber mill in a new office building at the Dover plant. The division’s logging operations are headquartered there also.

The 80 by 30-foot building was constructed last winter by Pack River employees under direction of Don Becker, and was occupied for the first time in February. The entire building is cooled by refrigerated air conditioning.

Some of Pack River’s offices remain in the company structure on Cedar Street in Sandpoint.



Undefeated in their regular schedule and the playoffs, the Sagle Bobcats took the Little League crown with one of the best records of any team in all the leagues. Bobcats players were Arlan Swant, Mel Williams, Phil Balch, Clay Lyons, Len Hess, Terry Porath, Jason Lyons, Paul Klatt, Wayne Sherwood and Dave Parrish. Coaches were Dick Sherwood and Ralph Hawkins.

100 Years Ago

Pend d’Oreille Review

Aug. 11, 1919 — CITY BREVITIES

Messrs. S.E. Henry, Tom Martin, H.J. Carnegie, M.C. Andrews and D.H. Chisholm motored down from Bonners Ferry Monday and said the roads were in abominable condition except a few spots.

Miss May Williams, who visited her brother in Portland for the past month, returns here Aug. 12, and will be at her studio at 520 N. Third, ready to resume teaching. Pupils desiring to study music, vocal or piano, please phone 131-W.



Up to Aug. 1, Bonner county Assessor Brant Prichard had received $9,583.88 from sales of 577 motor licenses in 1919. Of this number, 513 were touring cars or roadsters, 43 were trucks and 21 were motorcycles.



State bureau of highways commissioner Wm. Hall will be here next week to take up work upon the “north and south” highway, for which the legislature voted $28,000 to Bonner county providing that a similar amount be spent by the county and which amount was provided for in the county bond issue. This county’s “north and south” highway is designated by the state as that from the south county line between Athol and Granite directly north and connecting with the Bonners Ferry road.

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