Fund Medicaid expansion with liquor, cigarette tax

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It seems I was blocked from Reclaim Idaho’s Facebook page for the following comment so here it is:

Even after federal funding and the funds saved from other programs, Medicaid expansion is still expected to cost taxpayers an estimated $10 million a year, so for your people to present it as the money is “there” is a lie.

As far as a work requirement being “illegal” that is a lie also. The state would simply have to get permission from the federal government.

Being disabled I know what it’s like to have insurance and not have insurance but at least be truthful.

Also, as a disabled person, the state helped me find a job with their disability program so if I can do it after eight surgeries just to be able to walk, so can they.

Working would also benefit people taxwise through the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit. Plus employers get a tax break by hiring a disabled person.

Personally, I don’t understand what the problem is with people working unless it’s a parent staying home with a critically ill child.

Plus, why does Medicaid even have income constraints if you don’t expect people to work?

Lastly, why not propose a liquor/cigarette tax to cover the cost?”



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