Saturday, October 23, 2021

Douglas A. Wagner

| October 16, 2019 1:00 AM

1. To be a helpful participant for the citizens and community of Priest River.

2. Experience of the last 20 years serving my community as councilman. Serving on the Urban Renewal board, Planning & Zoning board along with the park board, Lions Club, Priest River and West Pend Oreille Fire Department, Bonner County Sheriff’s Office, working at the local lumber mills.

3. Infrastructure that includes roads, water and sewer, recreation, jobs. I hope to keep our community viable for our current citizens and future generations — a town we are all so proud to be a part of.

4. Have public input to help implement improvements. Look for ways to fund projects. Reach out for expert resources.

5. Open communication. Being the eyes and ears with the community, and one who is always willing to help where ever needed.

6. Take phone calls from City Hall and the public, attend meetings with different organizations representing the city, signing checks and other paperwork.

7. Continuing to serve the city in whatever capacity I am needed.

8. Some people do not want change, especially if it comes with costs. Helping them to understand why we are doing this.

9. To be open to all suggestions and be honest with them no matter what the outcome is.

10. What can you do for our community?

No one person can do whatever they want — it has to be a group effort, including the citizens and council, for what is best for the city.