Is commissioner calling for a boycott or not?

| August 2, 2020 1:00 AM

On June 19, Bonner County Commissioner Dan McDonald posted on a local Facebook page a photo of a “Love Lives Here” sign with this comment attached to it, “Watch for this sign. Indicates a business that supports the N. Idaho Women hate group.”

Even though McDonald did not overtly call for a boycott of businesses with the “Love Lives Here” sign, for his alt-right base the message was loud and clear, that a boycott is what he wants.

Several times on Rosebud, I have asked McDonald to set the record straight with this question: “yes” or “no”, do you advocate the boycotting of businesses displaying the “Love Lives Here” sign?

Every time I have asked Commissioner McDonald this question he refuses to answer with a yes or no. All he will say is his post did not call for a boycott, which is true. However, the inference to boycott was loud and clear.

If Commissioner McDonald does not want Sandpoint businesses with the “Love Lives Here” sign to be boycotted, why does he refuse to say so?