Recommendations needed to protect community’s health

| August 2, 2020 1:00 AM

I recently went to the Farmers Market in Sandpoint and expressed my concern of being around individuals wearing bacteria infested possibly infectious face masks. I am concerned for my health and observe proper social distancing from all oxygen depriving mask wearers, but unfortunately numerous mask wearers were not respecting my health and came closer than the 6 feet required for proper distancing.

While I asked the attendant to help me with my safe space, she was intolerant with my request. While it is common sense that a mask is oxygen depriving, she kept asking for a study to prove common sense, which did not in the least provide me with the safe space from bacteria infested and infectious mask wearers.

I would like your help in protecting my health and other intelligent aware individuals from people who blindly harm their health wearing masks.

Ignorance of common sense is not an excuse, as even the N95 manufactured by 3M specifically states it does not prevent this so-called COVID-19, much less the makeshift masks people are wearing.

Please help me protect mine and others health by providing a safe space away from infectious oxygen depleting mask wearers. The oxygen depletion obviously is affecting their ability to think, and I prefer to avoid this health issue.

I appreciate your concern and look forward to your recommendations to protect mine and others health. We all need to discuss this health issue!

Thank you for your help in advance!