What statues are local Democrats going to go after?

| August 2, 2020 1:00 AM

The Democrats’ mostly violent protests are winding down (except in Portland and Seattle) and their band of looting marauders seem to have run out of statues of 19th century Democrats to tear down or desecrate. Now they are toppling and vandalizing other statues of people they hate: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglas, Hans Christian Heg, Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Christopher Columbus, even Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

It makes one wonder what statues local Democrats, geriatric antifa and the newly formed group of belligerent little marxists are going to go after.

I think Pend Oreille Pete needs to check his white pine privilege, stash his kamloop and find a place to hide out until these buffoons, lemmings and Maoists come to their senses.