It is our responsbility to protect the Constitution

| August 4, 2020 1:00 AM

To you, the young high school students who were protesting and exercising your First Amendment rights, at the south end of the Long Bridge and elsewhere. I wonder if you know that you are being used? The BLM protests are not all about racism or discrimination, they are about promoting socialism /communism by Antifa, AOC, Bernie Sanders and others. You are being

used as a pawn, I fear.

Yes, black lives do matter but white lives also matter. All lives matter.

The socialist/communist political party can not get the necessary 51 percent of the vote therefore they resort to riots, looting, burning down buildings and all other sorts of destruction to destroy America. You may need to read the book “1984” by George Orwell written in 1949.

As to the “defund the cops” movement, this is part of the same antifa/socialist play book, after all when the cops are gone who will protect you or your First Amendment rights? There is an old saying about a “thin blue line” between civil society and anarchy. The police department is the peace keeper between the good and evil in this world. We owe our support and respect to the men and women of all law enforcement. Are all police officers perfect? No. Are there reforms that need to be made? Certainly. Should we hold police officers responsible for their actions. Absolutely.

It is our responsibility to hand over the Constitution of the United States to the next generation, to keep it, protect it and defend it against all enemies foreign and domestic. I hope for your own lives and for the free world that you can and will defend it.

God bless the thin blue line.