Taxpayer dollars going to fund out-of-town lawyers

| August 4, 2020 1:00 AM

Two of the current county commissioners decided to use taxpayer money in the amount of $200,000 and counting to sue the city of Sandpoint and in effect the Festival at Sandpoint.

The city of Sandpoint has requested a summary judgment because the issue is moot since the Festival will not be held this summer. If the judge agrees with the city’s position it’s very likely the two commissioners will use taxpayer money to sue the city and Festival again, or perhaps use more taxpayer money to appeal the judges decision. Apparently these two commissioners feel there is no end to the amount of taxpayer money they can spend on a lawsuit that should never have happened. If these two commissioners were so committed to the importance of the lawsuit they could’ve easily sued as individuals with their own money instead of using taxpayer money that was intended to fix roads and bridges and other vital interests throughout the county. One of these two commissioners is up for election in a couple of months. If you are tired of seeing taxpayer money going to support out-of-town lawyers instead of our Bonner County community you have a choice, you can vote for common sense leadership.

I am a candidate for county commissioner for District 1. I pledge I will help negotiate a common sense outcome instead of an expensive and divisive lawsuit. I also pledge to request our trained and accountable law enforcement in the event there is a need anywhere in the community. They are the only ones I will request to keep the peace.



Candidate for County Commissioner District 1