Flatten the curve with kindness and helping each other

| August 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Yesterday while I was shopping in a grocery store that requires masks, I looked up to see a man I didn’t recognize without one. He looked as hot as me, and as lost.

At first I put my head down and pushed the cart a little faster. Then, since I happened to have an extra mask with me, I pulled back.

“Would you wear a mask for me if I gave you one?” I asked, tentatively, afraid to look him full in the eye. What the hell, why not ask?

His face lit up as he answered immediately, “Yes,” he said. I was glad to see him smile.

I gave him a mask and he put it right on as I walked away.

So simple. This is how Team Sandpoint can flatten our virus curve. We can help each other and set an example for the whole rest of the country. No mandates, no confrontations, no anger. Just ask each other for help.

What shall we call ourselves? The Mask-eraiders?