ITA crew improves the Pulaski Tunnel Trail

by Jim See
| August 7, 2020 1:00 AM

Howard Shay from Sandpoint lead a group of volunteers on a maintenance project on the Pulaski Tunnel Trail, located a mile south of Wallace for Idaho Trails Association on Saturday, July 25. The group worked in coordination with the U.S. Forest Service, in this project, Ian Cotter, district trails manager said.

The brunt of work encountered included brush cutting, removing loose debris and rock from tread surfaces and cutting logs end that protrude into the trail. Tools used included loppers, a pulaski and mcleods and a crosscut saw.

“The signage in Wallace directing folks to Pulaski trail is awesome! And the informative signs with mounted pulaskis on the trail were enjoyed by many people the day we worked there. A couple from Wisconsin thought our work was very important. She made a donation to ITA and handed it to me,” wrote Shay.

Idaho Trails Association is a non-profit that works with volunteers, community organizations and government partners to maintain and preserve our foot trails in Idaho. Volunteers perform all work with non-powered equipment such as cross cut saws, pulaskis and any human powered tool that will improve a trail.

ITA’s website has a list of trail projects in national forests and wilderness areas ranging from one day to week long. There is a job on the trail for everyone, no matter your skill or experience level. Please consider volunteering and/or donating to improve the many miles of foot trails that hikers enjoy.



A before and after of a repaired part of the trail.