It’s time to THINK before we spout off

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

A common local’s conversation starter is “what brought you to Sandpoint?” My standard answer was “a big lake, a big ski hill, and a small friendly town.” Sadly, I must change my answer; we are no longer the friendly town of just a few years ago. What has become of us? We shout at each other for wearing masks, we don’t care about other peoples’ health, we value our personal convenience over the well being of our neighbors, and we disguise it all as righteous liberty. We have armed vigilantes in our streets and many people are so paranoid that they carry a gun everywhere.

It has even affected our places of worship. Supposedly pro-life Christians won’t do a simple polite gesture of wearing a mask that will protect the little old lady battling cancer in the next pew. Shame on us!

So what do we do? We need to THINK. THINK is an acronym to remember before we spout off again. Will our words be Thoughtful, Helpful, Informed, Necessary, and mostly, Kind. So please, let’s all THINK, be Kind, and wear a mask.