Lack of courtesy may put mask-use issue into court

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Will someone who believes that wearing a mask into the library or any other establishment disenfranchises them please write a letter to the editor of this paper explaining how you came to believe that and what your logic supporting that belief is based on. All my life society has made and enforced rules, laws, and regulations to protect itself from people intentionally or otherwise doing harm to other people. Sometimes the point of a rule is just to prevent people from offending other people. No shirt, no shoes, no service comes to mind.

I have never known anyone to object so vociferously to such common everyday regulation, as a certain segment of our society seems to object to the wearing of masks in order to protect themselves and others from a virus that has now killed over a 150K people and sickened millions of others. It is perplexing how this necessary and science based rule meant to save lives and prevent disabling illness has become a political point of contention.

The virus does not care if you are a conservative, a liberal, or totally apolitical. It will make you just as sick or just as dead regardless of your political beliefs, religious views, or contrarian thought process. It could be considered assault if you refuse to wear a mask in confined public places or violate the six-foot rule without wearing a mask. Eventually that issue will likely be litigated in a criminal or civil court because of a lack of common sense and not-so-common courtesy.