Maggie Dawson brings color, life to city utility boxes

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — From a very young age, Maggie Dawson knew that art is a part of who she is.

One of 11 children, Dawson found joy in creating artwork and used whatever materials were available. Her mom cooked using charcoal and wood and those became her mediums. A wall still standing from workforce housing that had been torn down served as her canvas. She used drawing as a reminder of what she was learning in school, an alternative to traditional note taking.

Her early art experiences led to Dawson becoming a muralist and she painted murals for schools in Mexico. When she met her husband, he became her number one supporter. He purchased her paints, oils, and other mediums and she learned to paint on canvas.

Dawson has been painting professionally for less than 10 years. Inspired by Sargent and environment-inspired images, Dawson enjoys painting many styles, using different techniques and mediums.

The Sandpoint Arts Commission and Historic Preservation Commission, with funding from STCU, are collaborating on a project to wrap utility boxes around Sandpoint with artwork and historic photos. When the community was asked to vote on artwork to be used to wrap the utility boxes, Dawson’s moose was the overwhelming favorite.

Dawson’s moose, deer, and elk paintings were selected to wrap the boxes at the corner of Highway 2 and Boyer Avenue. Dawson does not consider herself a wildlife painter but was inspired by wildlife when she came to Sandpoint. The results are spectacular and the city is proud to display them publicly for the community and visitors to enjoy for many years to come.


Maggie Dawson’s moose mural was a clear favorite for use for a project by the Sandpoint Arts Commission and Historic Preservation Commission to wrap utility boxes around Sandpoint with artwork and historic photos.