Panhandler Pies server celebrates 20 years

| August 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Panhandler Pies Restaurant and Bakery employee Kim Brown has been a server at the restaurant since Aug. 10, 2000. She has worked the evening shift all these years.

Panhandler Pies owners Rex and Maria Williams said Brown is attentive with the customers and many customer ask for her by name. “We could probably count on one hand how many days she has missed in 20 years. She is a great example of how a server should be," they said. "

Not only is Brown friendly and thorough, she goes the extra mile for customers and to help out her fellow employees.

"Part of being a server is side work, stocking supplies and food products and she does that very well," they said.

The couple invited the community to come in and visit Brown to help her celebrate 20 years as a server at Panhandler Pies.

"We appreciate her," they said. "Being with the same restaurant all these years is quite a feat."