Curlew Job Corps Center on the Colville National Forest reopens

| December 2, 2020 1:00 AM

The Curlew Job Corps Civilian Conservation in Curlew, Washington has safely reopened and is welcoming back returning students under a policy of phased readmission.

The return of center operations has been carefully planned to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines. These guidelines were established by the Department of Labor, the Forest Service, and local health officials to minimize the risk to staff and students.

Curlew Job Corps staff are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy environment for both students and staff, officials said in a press release. Safe reopening in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic required a reconfiguration of the campus and students’ daily lives.

Center staff has also made changes so that they can continue to carry out their mission of educating and training students. The lives of the students: how they eat, sleep, learn, and recreate, have been adjusted to incorporate wearing masks, social distancing, frequent hand washing and use of personal protective equipment to minimize risks.

“The staff of Curlew Job Corps are excited to welcome back our first group of returning students. As a center, we are committed to ensuring a safe, healthy Center for each and every student and staff member, " said Scott Palmer, center director. “We remain steadfast in our effort to the center's safety and security, and we are proud of our achievements and grateful for the opportunity to see our students return back to our center.”

Students have chosen to enroll at Curlew because they've made a choice to move their lives in a new direction. Staff are grateful for the opportunity to return to the mission of transforming these young people’s lives through career development and natural resource and conservation training.

The USDA Forest Service operates 24 Job Corps Civilian Conservation Centers with a capacity to serve over 4,000 students. For more information, go online to

For questions about enrollment, contact the Curlew Job Corps online, or call 509-779-4611.