Sign recall petition and preserve Idaho’s freedom

| July 9, 2020 1:00 AM

When Gov. Brad Little took a wrecking ball to our economy in March by unilaterally and unconstitutionally decreeing unprecedented restrictions on our way of life, it was a red flag for Idaho’s independent-minded people.

State-sponsored fearmongering had descended on us in the name of “safety.”

The first indicator was the day-by-day non-stop reporting of cases, hospitalizations, and the few deaths that had occurred, which differed sharply from how flu epidemics and pandemics had been reported on in the past. After all, within everyone’s recent memory there have been a number of them, with and without vaccines, but never a suggestion of shutting down businesses and admonishing everyone to stay home.

Odder yet, CDC and WHO experts kept getting it wrong with their models, forecasts, even information on mask wearing and how the virus spreads.

Additionally, Idaho death stats became suspect, as the Health & Welfare Department refused to define what “COVID-related” deaths meant. And it was only through the threat of a lawsuit that they revealed that two-thirds of the deaths actually occurred in nursing homes, contrary to the impression left by the governor that the virus was everywhere and the shutdown a must.

It turns out that the shutdown has been a very lucrative deal for the state of Idaho.

$1.5 billion arrived in federal funds, which the governor and a few of his cronies are in the process of distributing to cover up his disastrous shutdown results.

Idaho citizens are now circulating a petition to recall the governor. Please sign it and help preserve Idaho’s freedom.


Priest River