BLM is a diverse group of all ages, groups

| July 23, 2020 1:00 AM

Black Lives Matter is not just a movement of young people being radical and looking for change. It is a diverse group of all ages saying enough is enough. It is a group of patriots that deeply love our country and know that we can do better. This challenging time can also be viewed as an opportunity as an awaking for the U.S. to recognize the injustice within our country and the privilege that many live with.

As writer Jeremy Helligar states, “Don’t be afraid of the word racist. … [R]acism doesn’t always wear a white robe and burn crosses. It’s lurking in everyday microagressions.” We all carry biases based on how we have been raised and our experiences. Recognizing that experiences differ due to skin color in our country is a beginning step. Educate yourself by accessing information on accurate history in our country. There are recommended books, documentaries and actions that people, especially white people, can access to help understand the anger and frustration of Black people.

Some examples are: “White Fragility” by Robin Diangelo, social justice educator: Addresses why it is so difficult for whites to look at their own racism; “The New Jim Crow” by Michelle Alexander, highly acclaimed civil rights lawyer, advocate: Addresses the criminal justice system and mass incarceration; Watch 13th : Documentary on the history of 13th Amendment (Netflix); “75 Things White People can do for Racial Justice” – a practical list of things to do

Do your part-help positive change happen.