What exactly are our children being taught?

| July 23, 2020 1:00 AM

The American Thinker (June 29, 2020) published “COVID-19 Protective Advice from a Doctor, albeit a Dentist”, by Pete McArdle. How many times per day do you change to a new mask? “What most people are doing to protect themselves is entirely symbolic, a Jedi mind trick played by CNN talking heads for the wary and simple-minded.” Dr. McArdle recommends “Eat better, exercise more, get your sleep, and manage your stress” and use common sense.

In The Federalist (July 9, 2020), “There’s No Good Reason to Mask Toddlers”, by Georgi Boorman, delves into the science involving the masking of children. It is explained that there is a “near-complete lack of evidence that children spread COVID-19 to vulnerable people,” and that there is “consistent evidence around the world that children seldom spread SARS-COV2, and almost never to adults.”

As reported on NPR, based on a YMCA study of 40,000 children (face masks not required), and a report by the New York City Department of Education, which cared for 10,000 kids of essential workers, “so far, neither has been blamed for a single COVID-19 cluster.”

Obviously , the recent demands by the teachers union in Los Angeles are based on something other than the newest scientific evidence and they need additional education themselves. Our Bonner County teachers should not make the same mistake.