Saturday, June 19, 2021

Little needs to call special session or face recall

| July 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Governor Brad Little needs to call a special session of the Idaho Legislature to help open schools safely. The only alternative, as I see it, is to reimburse our school tax dollars for services untendered. It would help if our elected leaders would work together to kick our society into gear again. Instead there are too many dragging their feet and making excuses for not doing anything.

It is encouraging to know there is growing evidence that shows kids appear to be less likely to get COVID-19 or become sick from it, and there is not much evidence that they are spreading the virus. “The ability of this virus to cause significant illness in children is very, very, very limited,” reported Robert R. Redfield, director of CDC, Center of Disease Control. Sally Gaza, president of American Academy of Pediatrics expressed the same observation at the White House summit on opening schools.

The CDC has been very slow to give answers. If our “scientist” looked at what is working and is not working around the world, we’d have greater control of the virus. In Taiwan, Singapore and Japan, the method is early detection, early treatment. The treatment mostly used is a steroid inhaler administered with a nebulizer — inexpensive and efficient. Amazingly, the number of deaths in these countries are very low. This is a treatment Doctor Richard Bartlett has been using in the states and is trying to bring to the attention of the CDC. Instead the CDC is following the China and the World Health Organization model of quarantining for two weeks.

Apparently, we have much to learn. Meanwhile let’s send our kids back to school and protect those at risk. In order to do that, school district staffs need to plan with the help of the legislators, the state superintendent of schools and the governor, so let’s get busy, Gov. Little and call a special session. If action is not taken soon, may I suggest we all visit the website,