Saturday, June 19, 2021

Commissioners McDonald and Bradshaw need to exercise proper leadership

| July 30, 2020 1:00 AM

County commissioners are leaders in our county. Arguably they make decisions that have the most direct effect on the quality of our lives, more than those at the state and federal level Their decisions should be based on the guiding principle of do no harm.

Two of our County Commissioners, Dan McDonald and Steve Bradshaw appear to view the COVID-19 pandemic through a political lens. They have repeatedly opposed Governor Brad Littleā€™s attempts to combat the spread COVID-19.

Their actions are ill-informed and harmful. As on July 19, the Idaho Panhandle has over 1,130 diagnosed cases. Bonner County has recorded 90 cases. More than a 1000% increase in county cases since Idaho entered stage 4 of its reopening plan on June 13 when Bonner County had only seven cases.

Their response to the pandemic seems out of step with their constituents. On July 17 the city of Sandpoint distributed facemasks free of charge to the public. All 3,000 masks were taken in a drive-through in the first hour of their offering.

Both commissioners should be held accountable for their actions. Steve Bradshaw is running for reelection this year. Can we really afford for him to continue to be in an important leadership role? His opponent Steve Johnson, a retired educator, will make evidence-based decisions that will benefit rather than harm Bonner County residents.