It’s amazing what happens with a little conversation

| June 23, 2020 1:00 AM

Leftwing lunatic does crazy stuff, and — wait for it — talks to the other side?

I was a little surprised to see so many armed patriots patrolling the sidewalk downtown this Tuesday. I mean, it is Idaho, but still, in little old Sandpoint? I had not heard about the Black Lives Matter protest regrettably until after it had ended. But more surprising than 1) missing a protest led by other young people here, 2) seeing dozens of people with ARs on First Avenue (it means ArmaLite, not “Automatic Rifle”), was 3) when these right wingers convinced me that they were anti-racists, not “white nationalists” as I had been previously told.

Let’s remember that when the populace is polarized we become a political battery powering those who benefit from the status quo. Their is nothing more revolutionary than the neighborly and comradely love upon which this country was founded. Next time let’s not forget that back in the day we handed flowers to the other side. Let’s chat with these people and find out what we agree upon as well. You may be surprised if you are genuine and ask the right questions.



Founder of North Idaho Democratic Socialists