Community filled with wonderful, generous people

| June 25, 2020 1:00 AM

I want to point out some positive things that have been happening to me personally within the last couple weeks. I was shopping at Walmart and forget my identification and credit cards and the store wouldn’t accept my check without ID.

I asked if I could leave my groceries in the basket while I ran home to get my ID, and then the couple behind me said that they would buy my groceries — over $25. I was shocked and I wrote them a check which they never cashed. I wish they had so I could know could their names. Then, today, I went to the Bay Trail for a walk and noticed that my phone was missing. Upon returning to my vehicle, there it was tucked into the door handle over my car.

With all the negative events going on, one can hold on to the fact that there are wonderful, generous people — not just here, but everywhere. Let’s join hands, kneel, and do whatever we have to do to rise up to the task of standing in support of those that need our support during this difficult time.

Also, as a member of the board at the Sandpoint Senior Center, we have had contractors come forward and paint the interior, build in cabinets, and so much more and then Keller Williams real estate officials painted all the offices and did landscaping. People are bringing in donations and we received a generous unsolicited grant from the Thompson Family Foundation. I can’t begin to express how much this means to the senior center. Kudos to all.