Mayor sowing seeds of division in the community

| June 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Mayor Rognstad began his campaign of division on the first day of his first term as mayor, with his proclamation referring to those who did not share his opinions as bringing to mind “thoughts of Nazi Germany, Japanese internment camps, McCarthyism and the Ku Klux Klan.”

The violence of BLM and antifa are of great concern and yet the mayor aligns himself and publicly supports these groups while referring to peace keeping citizens as “vigilantes”. He was tone deaf to the many comments expressed not in alignment with his agenda at the June 17th city council meeting nor did he heed or acknowledge the impassioned words of Donald Draper.

(Code 1-7-1 Code of Ethics, city of Sandpoint) “The people have a right to expect that every public official and employee will conduct himself in a manner that will tend to preserve the public confidence in and respect for the government he represents. Such confidence and respect can best be promoted if every public official and employee, … will uniformly: A.Treat all citizens with courtesy, impartiality, fairness and equality under the law; and, B. Avoid both actual and potential conflicts between their private self-interest and the public interest.

The mayor is behaving like an activist and sowing seeds of division in this community and does not treat all citizens with courtesy, impartiality, fairness and equality nor does he avoid conflicts but incites it. Sandpoint deserves better than this.