A few thoughts on the Fourth of July events, headline

| June 30, 2020 1:00 AM

“Fourth festivities locked, loaded” read the headline in Sunday’s paper. Our nation is in crisis and the Daily Bee promulgates derisive language on the front page. I would think a better headline would have read “Fourth festivities ready to roll. Or, ready to go.” Locked and loaded has a combative and jarring nature to it. The Daily Bee staff needs to rethink their headlines.

Also, as cases of COVID continues to surge in Bonner County, Ron Korn smugly congratulates himself on organizing the Fourth of July parade and fireworks by saying, “It should be a better show than ever before.” First, the Lions Club has always done a fabulous job in the past of organizing Fourth of July events, and second, Mr. Korn presents himself as the savior of our community.

When people start showing up at the hospital because they caught COVID from Mr. Korn’s efforts, or have medical bills they can’t pay, is Mr. Korn willing to cover their costs?