The era of confusion in the state of Idaho

| March 1, 2020 1:00 AM

As the chasm in American politics splits wider every day, it makes me contemplate what is at the core of this schism?

I sit in a unique position as your state representative allowing me to see a litany of proposed legislation attempting to regulate groups of people, social issues, and our natural world.

All of these, when reduced to the lowest common denominator, seem to revolve around a moral collapse of our society. Often driven by “crises” and accompanied by hysteria, we as a country have gone off our Founding Fathers’ charted course of a republic built on a moral and just people with a sense of community, and instead seem to zigzag back and forth chasing the feel-good, all-about-me path of self-destruction.

Over the last two weeks legislation unimaginable 20 years ago has been the daily norm in my committees. On Tuesday I sat through almost five hours of testimony on whether we should allow or disallow transgender children’s genitals and healthy body parts to be removed if they want to change their gender. Other proposed legislation has had us deal with issues like patronizing prostitutes, medical sex changes for children with gender dysphoria, men identifying as females competing with women in sporting events, female genital mutilation, and whether or not the sex identifier on a birth certificate can be changed if a child or adult changes their gender.

There was even a “pro-life” bill in one committee, that is codifying the use of public moneys (yes, your tax dollars) to fund certain types of abortions in cities, counties and public health districts. All appear to defy traditional values and common sense. These are not remotely connected to the foundational building blocks of great nations in history but are the harbingers of nations on the brink of collapse. And as the old proverb tells us when there is moral rot within a nation, its government topples easily.

The radical transformation of many of our public educational institutions, whether K-12 or universities, has generated vast numbers of young people entering into society with only a minimum grasp on math, science and economics but a hypersensitivity to gender issues, their digital social status, and any criticism or even suggestion to be better. The result is political correctness, “safe spaces,” and association with people who don’t challenge them to be better, but who confirm any and all ideas that make them feel good today.

We have always been a country of resilience, hard work and creativity. I believe we can overcome any obstacle put before us if we as a nation choose to rely on a principled moral compass which places the highest value on pride in traditional family, strong communities and a unified country while abandoning the “me-now-no-matter-the cost” mentality. The chasm stands before us. Will we split it wider or build the bridge?

I will leave you with a quote from John Adams. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

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Rep. Heather Scott represents Bonner and Boundary counties in the Idaho Legislature in District 1A. She can be reached at