No climate crisis or no bogeyman either

| March 19, 2020 1:00 AM

In recent letters…

Terry Hansen claims that the current pace of climate change is troubling. He seems blissfully unaware that in just over one hundred years we have gone from what is called the “little ice age” to the hot droughts of the 1930’s to the very moderate weather we have been experiencing in recent decades. He also ignores the fact that in the 1970’s the leftists were trying to scare us with global cooling, but now it is global warming.


Lee Santa asks what a climate crisis would have to look like in order for us to believe that it is real. He might just as well ask, “What does the bogeyman have to look like in order for us to believe that he is real?” Since neither one is real, we can only conjecture.

A real climate crisis, like a real boogeyman, would have to be tangible. We should be able to experience it with our senses. And the very word “crisis” implies that the indicators should be acute and highly noticeable. Experienced outdoorsmen know, by their senses, when the weather is about to change. But, other than incessant ranting from the political left, we have no tangible indications that there is a crisis at hand.

Since the fanatics can’t show us the bogeyman and prove his existence via the five senses, they should stop trying to fool us with their ridiculous “models” and scare tactics.

There is no bogeyman and there is no climate crisis.