Coronavirus has changed all of our lives

| March 26, 2020 1:00 AM

To our local grocers:

Coronavirus has changed all of our lives. In fact shortly, if not currently, we will see many of our neighbors struggling to feed their families. A missing paycheck will be the difference between feeding their family or going without.

For many, never having to rely on others has been a source of pride and asking for help may be difficult. I believe our local grocery stores can help. Specifically, I would hope our local grocers can provide short-term relief for these families by providing a simple store credit system. This would allow those families not on other subsidies, and temporarily away from their jobs to purchase groceries by simply signing their name or providing a code as a promise to pay later.

Don’t let modern times get in the way, be creative. I’m sure the details can’t be that difficult to work out. It is my belief that people are good — and that the majority (if not all) of the families applying for such a program WILL fulfill that promise. A simple promise, “pay us back when you can”… really? Yes.