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| May 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Sage Dixon is the true Republican choice

Because he supports businesses large and small, Sage Dixon is endorsed by both the Farm Bureau and the Associated Logging Contractors.

His opponent is endorsed by the radical leftist agitators of Reclaim Idaho.

Sage Dixon believes in our right to self-defense, as well as our right to free speech and association as guaranteed by our first amendment.

His opponent believes that safety trumps the health of our economy, and that Idahoans should report their fellow citizens for stay-at-home “order” violations.

Sage Dixon champions lower taxes and regulation and supports representative government.

His opponent sat in a courtroom fighting to keep a permanent levy whose ballot violated Idaho law saddled to Bonner County property owners, and supports majority-rule direct democracy that bypasses our elected representatives.

Sage Dixon is a conservative who never wavers from his bedrock principles.

His opponent presents himself as a Republican, but fights for hefty tax increases that harm area property owners and is supported by the left.

It’s clear that one of these men is the true Republican choice for District 1-B while the other is something else.

Please give Rep. Dixon your May 19 primary vote.