Heather, Landingham atop derby standings

| November 28, 2020 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — With just two days remaining, there’s still time to get “some really nice fish” in this year’s Thanksgiving Derby, Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club officials said Friday.

Blake Heather continues to top the leaderboard in the adult rainbow division while Harvey Landingham’s 11.3-pound, 27-inch Mackinaw caught on the derby’s fourth day continues to hold the lead in that division.,

Following Heather in the adult rainbow division is Bill Shaffer with a 24.23-pound, 26.25-inch fish he caught on the fifth day of the derby. In third is Dan Covey and Dave Gillespie in fourth. Schaffer, Covey and Gillespie all released their fish live.

Following Landingham in the Mackinaw division is Dave Janicki in second, Derek Blanchard in third, Kenny Bartlett in fourth, Dale Greene in fifth, Bert Dennett in sixth, Mike Perry in seventh, Dough Lambrecht in eighth, Scott Plue in ninth and Tim Farmin in tenth.

In the adult Mackinaw division, rounding out the leaderboard are Kenny Bartlett with a 6.4-pound, 25-inch fish in second, followed by Dale Greene with a 5.64 pound, 25.5-inch fish in third, Bert Dennett, with 3.3-pound, 21-inch Mackinaw for fourth, followed by Mike Perry, 3.8-pound, 19 inches, for fifth, Dough Lambrecht, 2.71 pound, 21 inches for sixth and Tim Farmin 0.88 pounds and 14.5 inches, in seventh.

In the Junior Division, Braden Norris nabbed an 11.27-pound, 29.5-inch rainbow on Friday to claim the top spot in the division.

In the Youth A Division, Fisher LaRue continues to hold the lead with a 21.63-pound, 35-inch rainbow he caught on the derby's second day. He released the fish live.

In the Youth B bracket, Savanna Long nabbed a 12.65-pound, 30-inch rainbow on the derby's fourth day to nab the top spot in the division. Abby Hamilton follow in second and Bentley Landingham is in third. Hamilton rebased her fish live.

LPOIC Derby 2020 Standings

Friday, Nov. 27, 2020

Adult Division

Adult rainbow trout: 1. Blake Heather, 26.1 pounds, 37 inches; 2. Bill Shaffer, 24.23, 36.25; 3. Dan Covey, 23.83, 37; 4. Dave Gillespie, 22.48, 36.

Adult Mackinaw: 1. Harvey Landingham, 11.3 pounds, 27 inches; 2. Dave Janicki, 9.2, 30; 3. Derek Blanchard, 7.14, 26; 4. Kenny Bartlett, 6.4, 25; 5. Dale Greene, 5.64, 25.5; 6. Bert Dennett, 3.3, 21; 7. Mike Perry, 3.8, 19; 8. Doug Lambrecht, 2.71, 21; 9. Scott Plue, 1.82, 15; 10. Tim Farmin, 0.88, 14.5.

Junior Division

  1. Braden Norris, 11.27 pounds, 29.5 inches, rainbow.

Youth A Division: 1. Fisher LaRue, 21.63 pounds, 35 inches, rainbow.

Youth B Division

  1. Savanna Long, 12.65 pou8nds, 30 inches. 2. Abby Hamilton, 8.2, 27, rainbow; 3. Bentley Landingham, 7.4, 25.

Mack of the Day

Nov. 21 — Kenny Bartlett

Nov. 22 — Dave Janicki

Nov. 23 — Mike Perry

Nov. 24 — Harvey Landingham

Nov. 25 — Bert Dennett