Monday, September 20, 2021

Cindy Marx

| October 2, 2020 1:00 AM
  1. In these times when everyone is questioning the roles and accountability of law enforcement, I want to restore trust and faith in our county sheriff’s department.
  2. This position is administrative and I bring years of human resources and budgeting experience.
  3. Division, outside political influence, disproportionate number of working people who are barely making ends meet. What are your solutions? Work to unite, listen to those who elect me, help all citizens to understand each other and the role of law enforcement in our community. Ensure that department personnel have tools and training to do the job the citizens expect of them.
  4. Something needs to change to keep our children safe and keep the mentally ill from having the ability to harm themselves and others. This is my opinion as sheriff I would not have power to make a law change.
  5. The county should not have filed suit at taxpayer expense. I disagree with the sheriff joining in and telling the world that his department is not adequately trained and equipped to handle a possible situation.
  6. I’ve was told by someone that they wouldn’t vote for me because I’m not “constitutional.” I feel this is important because it is the job of the sheriff to ensure that laws as written are enforced. It is not the job of the sheriff to make new laws, put forth his interpretation of the laws or select which citizens to protect and tell others his department doesn’t respond to their area.
  7. Get out and vote! There are bullies in office all over the country that know many people don’t vote because they don’t think their vote makes a difference. Those bullies are counting on you not voting, it’s the only way they can win.
  8. As sheriff I would not have impact on environmental issues unless the department is called upon to enforce a law. I would make sure all calls for enforcement are followed through on.
  9. I believe the budget can be reworked to include more support for community-based programs. Specifically having safe places for newly released inmates go to reduce recidivism, and getting our personnel training and connections to local mental health care providers. I would not take anything away from personnel salaries, training or equipment. I believe we expect far too much of law enforcement when it comes to dealing with social issues.
  10. The sheriff office has no power to impact this. My personal perspective is that it was created to be a self-sustaining program and would remain so with a little support if the politicians would quit using it for leverage.
  11. I don’t see a need for any tax increase at this time. Revenues have gone up through growth in recent years. We need to be careful to not make taxing burdensome to those who have lived for generations on family property and those starting out with first homes.
  12. What personal reason do you have for running for office? I believe there should be at least TWO candidates running for each office or it is not an election but a confirmation. Elections are about choices.
  13. No. Things are too divisive and there is no civility anymore. We need more citizens involved instead of career politicians and people with enough money to buy themselves a seat.
  14. Yes. Our children are our future. If they stopped all the lawsuits on taxpayer dollars at all levels of government and put the funds toward education we’d be much better off.
  15. I wish that people were considerate enough to take steps to protect each other without a mandate. But if we are not willing to be careful then someone has to step in. I don’t however believe in putting the burden of enforcing mandates on store clerks or law enforcement personnel. Leaving us where we stand with most stores having a mask required sign on the door and less than half the patrons wearing them. Unfortunately I think it is going to take deaths in our community for some to believe in the serious nature of the pandemic.