Monday, September 20, 2021

Heather Scott

| October 2, 2020 1:00 AM
  1. I got tired of watching government grow and attempt to reach into every aspect of my life. I don’t believe in asking others to do something for me that I would not do myself. So instead of sitting on the sidelines and complaining, I got involved and have been working to make a difference ever since.
  2. As a longtime aquatic biologist and small business owner who has lived in Bonner County for 22 years, I am uniquely qualified to deal with environmental and energy matters, small business issues and hurdles faced by owners dealing with government agencies, all pertinent to District 1 residents. I have shown in my three terms that I am not afraid to tackle tough issues, often leading the charge when other elected officials hold back. I have not compromised my position on principles or issues in order to “go along to get along.” I vote on legislation based on its constitutionality and whether it protects or restrains personal freedoms, and I do so with tenacity, commitment and a strong work ethic.
  3. • Ending the state of emergency which we have endured since March – getting the Legislature to cohesively act together to override the governor’s edicts.

• Pursuing more transparency in government and working to reduce regulations and taxation through the legislative process. I will continue to educate and engage citizens about these issues as they have the power and authority to demand changes from the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government.

• Finding ways to train and diversify our work force in north Idaho to bring better and higher paying jobs to the area while controlling growth and preventing the loss of the rural lifestyle here. I will support and pursue legislative ideas from citizens and businesses interested in developing programs here in the district.

  1. We don’t have gun control laws, we have Second Amendment rights and Second Amendment infringements. The Constitution is clear, “shall not be infringed.” I don’t support infringement of Second Amendment rights in any form whether openly or covertly. The conversation needs to change from controlling legally owned guns to controlling government. Eliminating special interest groups’ abilities to cripple or destroy individual freedoms is the much bigger issue and problem.
  2. With the plaintiff.
  3. The violations of the Constitution by our governor and executive branch. There are boundaries set on the authority of our elective officials by our constitution. If we allow government to operate outside of those boundaries with no recourse, we are doomed as a state and country.

7.Your rights are unalienable. That means they cannot be taken from you, but you can freely give them away. Once you have done that, don’t expect to get them back without consequences. History does repeat itself and as good we have it here in North Idaho, our lives could change overnight with a different type of government. Be vigilant and protect your freedoms.

  1. The abuse of the Endangered Species Act by environmental groups. This Act has lost it intended purpose and is now used to stifle economic growth in our region, create barriers to the use of our natural resources and lands by citizens and communities and burden our judicial system with serial litigation that rarely if ever benefits the environment or species but always seems to benefit the lawyer - heavy environmental groups.

Also. Conservation easements. This growing epidemic lowers tax reviews from conservation easement lands thus causing a loss of tax dollars to rural communities. The general trend by county and state governments is then to raise taxes on the remaining property owners to make up for the lost revenue. Many of these conservation easements which are done on large timber lands also tend lock up access to lands or limits activities on lands. My solution would be to continue to allow conservations easements at the owner’s discretion but tax any lands under conservation easement at a luxury level similar to waterfront properties to dissuade rather than encourage these types of easements. I would also support legislation that would require any conservation easement to have sunset clauses.

  1. No. This is bad policy setting bad precedence and likely leads to bad public behavior. Our republic should not be built or maintained on mob rule.
  2. This is federal issues, not a state issue. Idaho legislators have little impact on what the Feds decide to do with Social Security. Our only real recourse could be to make Idaho a more friendly tax state to those living on SS, or to re-direct federal tax money through the state first.
  3. Other than my suggestion of an increased conservation easement tax, none. I have always stood for reducing taxes and thus reducing and focusing government’s limited enumerated powers in the areas they should be operating in.
  4. Do you support campaign finance reform laws in Idaho to reduce lobby and corporate influence over citizen influence? I do.
  5. “Existing government” is too vague of a question. City, county, state, federal? There is room for improvement, streamlining and reduction at all levels of government.
  6. If you are referring to public education - government-run schools, no. Public education needs to find ways to cut costs, and actually teach basic skills like reading, writing and math. There are too many “programs and agendas” being pushed by our government schools and the children are paying the price.
  7. Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of what built this great country, not nanny state edicts that are implemented through fear, unsubstantiated theories and threats. Government mandates implemented in a vacuum with blatant disregard to the overall impacts to citizen should never be allowed.