Monday, September 20, 2021

Priscilla Giddings

| October 2, 2020 1:00 AM
  1. When I was serving as an active duty Air Force pilot deployed overseas, I realized the significance of our constitutional freedoms in America and felt that while I was trying to help guarantee freedoms for foreign countries, those same freedoms were being lost here at home.  I chose to move back home to fight for our freedoms here in Idaho.
  2. I attribute many of my capabilities to my education at the Air Force Academy where I further developed the values of honor, character, integrity, hard work and leadership. My fighter pilot mentality along with my avid reading, writing and public speaking skills differentiate me from most candidates.
    1. Current COVID-19 state of emergency: it has robbed Idahoans of constitutional rights in the name of safety. The emergency is being perpetuated to receive federal monetary support yet it is primarily being used to increase the growth of government. End the emergency and reopen Idaho; while COVID is real, it has been extremely overblown.
  3. Excessive property taxes: they have doubled in some areas of the state. Elected officials need to prioritize needed spending and return to fiscally conservative policies to maintain reasonable property taxes.
  4. Excessive regulations: too many state agencies’ overreaching rules are strangling the economy and hurting our rural communities.
  5. Idaho is one of the most gun-friendly states in the nation. I will continue to advocate for people to have the full ability to keep and bear arms. I feel that gun ownership should be the foundation of rights; if you are not responsible enough to own a gun, I would not consider you responsible enough to vote.
  6. Local governments should not infringe on people’s constitutional rights.
  7. I do not have an opponent in the general election. This is an important election; I hope voters turn out in record numbers.
  8. The Republican Party in Idaho is split between conservative Republicans and progressive Republicans. It is imperative that conservatives turn out and vote in order for Idaho to retain the conservative principles of limited government, fiscal responsibility, and transparency.
  9. Wildfires are the most critical issue that we face in our district. I will work toward getting all of the public land stewards in Idaho to practice actively mitigating forest fires by managing lands to reduce fuel loads before fire season, responsibly fulfill our stewardship duties to balance grazing, timber, and recreation, and to be responsive to our local public’s wishes.
  10. Law enforcement programs across the state are already underfunded and are challenged to meet the demand of the growing population. I do support community-based programs but not in-lieu of proper law enforcement. As the daughter of a life-long law enforcement professional, I strongly support those serving in uniform. In my view, we already have the best community-based programs; our law enforcement personnel are drawn from and live in the communities they serve. There is no one better qualified to do the job they do, and I want to support and praise our community-based law enforcement personnel rather than blame them as a whole for isolated misdeeds of the few among them who are not worthy of the trust we place in them.
  11. At the state level I believe it is important for the legislature to be fiscally conservative so the state is never forced to take drastic action that would impact the incomes of those receiving social security. Property taxes are an example, excessive spending has increased property taxes and is slowly forcing the elderly out of their homes.
  12. I do not support tax raises of any kind. The state receives ample income; mis-prioritized spending is the only need for tax increases. I intend to continue to work toward wisely using the funds we have, and work toward returning our state to a fiscally responsible monetary policy.
  13. What serves as your moral compass when making legislative decisions? The Bible and God’s guidance for government.
  14. Our state government is starting to mirror European socialism. Socialism steals people’s money and their freedoms. I hope Idahoans will vote for principles of freedom over socialism.
  15. I support fully funding Idaho’s K-12 education system, including its infrastructure. However, I do not think taxpayer money should be funding political ideologies pushed by local colleges and universities.
  16. Not in the case of recent events. Government should only be allowed mandates when there is overwhelming evidence that an extreme need exists and when safeguards are put in place to return those freedoms once the emergency is over. There is a fine line between liberty and state intervention; when in doubt it is always better to err toward liberty. Safety has become an easy vehicle for government to use to assume more power for itself. Once freedom is relinquished it is rare for it to ever be returned. I am reluctant to give away freedom for short term comfort.