Dan Rose offers a better choice this election

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

How many times have you, as a conservative Republican in Legislative District 1, pondered why you should once again vote for an incumbent who doesn't represent you the way you hoped.

The choice for state representative seat lB just became easy for me when Dan Rose entered the race as a write-in candidate. Dan has an impressive resume: retired law enforcement officer, current trustee of the Bonner County Hospital District, precinct committeeman with the Bonner County Republican Central Committee, and years of civic volunteer work in our district. He believes, as I do, that fixing Idaho's problems starts with electing legislators who are devoted to their constituents' concerns and the Constitution rather than Boise leadership's agenda.

The incumbent he is running against, Sage Dixon, has increasingly fallen short in this respect. He talks a good game. But in this year of COVID, he turned a deaf ear to us and his liberty-minded colleagues when it came to fighting the governor's unconstitutional shutdown, now in its sixth month. By his own admission, he is "not a fighter." So the economic fallout and ongoing restrictions on our liberties continue while being a go-along guy has paid off handsomely for him in large campaign contributions from Boise leadership and big business. $25,000 in just one month before the May primary tell you that this is a career politician, not a "statesman" as he calls himself.

Please check out Dan Rose on Facebook - writeindanrose - and his website, writeindanrose.com, for a better choice in this election.