Dan Rose is the true conservative candidate

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

An open letter to Rep. Sage Dixon:

I see that in this election you have a write-in opponent, Dan Rose. I was pleased to see it for two reasons.

First, because I happen to know Dan as a conservative Republican who has made an important, positive difference in our district in so many ways. He is a trustee on the Bonner General Health taxing district board, is active in the Bonner County Republican Central Committee, participated in the successful efforts to defeat the Scotchman Peak wilderness designation proposal and the Avista-Hydro 1 merger, and still finds time to volunteer in the community. He is also the kind of Christian who stands up for his faith when it is under attack, as during Governor Brad Little's shutdown of churches as “non-essential.”

This leads me to the second reason I support his candidacy.

You also present yourself as a Christian, ending every legislative update and video I’ve seen with “Lord bless,” and some supporters refer to you as “godly.” Yet you were silent and did not oppose the governor’s shutdown. You did not find this unconstitutional attack on freedom of religion and freedom of assembly that egregious and declined to participate in the recall of the governor. You also declined to attend the June 23 session called by legislators on their own in an attempt to end the shutdown.

Actions speak louder than words. “Lord bless” rings hollow when you don’t defend your faith.

For these reasons I will gladly give Dan Rose my vote on Nov. 3. My wife said she would join me in writing in Dan Rose on her ballot.


Clark Fork