Who is the real dictator facing Americans?

| October 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Would you vote for a man who: Helped increase the employed percentage to the highest on record for Blacks, Latinos, women? Who helped reduce the federal regulations which held back the growth and productivity of American businesses? Who helped enact legislation that improved the financial stability of historical Black colleges and universities? Who helped enact federal laws to enable convicted citizens to have a path to reverse the course of their lives and to become productive American citizens? Who helped convince the UAE and Qatar to begin talks with Israel and to improve the prospects for peace in the Middle East? Who helped Serbia and Bosnia to do the same? Who turned out to be correct about being spied on? Who enacted a travel ban against China, among others, and was called xenophobic? Who allowed the governors of the 50 states to implement for their individual states what they thought was the correct action to take against COVID-19? Who took aggressive steps to support those governors who asked for help?

Would you vote for a man, or woman, who has stated that he would issue a nationwide

mandate to wear a mask, even though that is in violation of the 10th Amendment? Who waffles aggressively back and forth about whether or not he will raise taxes on everyone to pay for expensive economic programs that have proven to be failures in other countries?

For those people who love to point fingers and call opponents names, that is your dictator.