Sage Dixon is a man of his word

| October 18, 2020 1:00 AM

Why Sage Dixon?

So much is riding on the election this year. There are stark differences in the presidential candidates as well as our local candidates for Congress.

It is vital for us all to vote not for the party we grew up with, or the person who represents the most popular organization in the media, or even the candidate that your friends and family choose. Instead, we need to do our homework, find out the facts about the candidates, not the gossip, but actual facts, and vote for those who have taken action on the issues that align with our values and needs.

Sage has spent his career as a congressman fighting for what our community holds dear. He has assisted Kinderhaven with issues they faced due to new federal laws. He has physically cut wood for veterans, spent time judging high school STEM competitions, developed great relationships with state agencies and helped them correct issues with individuals, walked alongside Life Choices Pregnancy Center assisting them with launching a much-needed ministry called IdaHope Families to help families in crisis, regularly attends the National Day of Prayer; the list goes on and on.

He fights hard for the individuals of our community with respect and dignity. Sage stands for the values that my family and I hold dear and his track record speaks for itself. I am personally voting for Sage Dixon, a man of his word, who stands for the values of service, unity, family, honesty, and honor. Sage Dixon, you got my vote.