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Tamarack announces first install at European installation center

| October 28, 2020 1:00 AM

OXFORD, U.K. – Tamarack Aerospace has completed the first series of active winglet installations on two Cessna Citation Jets at the new Tamarack European Installation Centre based at the London-Oxford Airport, United Kingdom.

Tamarack officials said the installations mark the start of the company’s expansion goals and signals another exciting phase of growth for Tamarack after increasing its number of U.S. service centers and expanding its Sandpoint headquarters.

“From the early days of Tamarack, I’ve had the dream of offering our high quality, customer-centric service to our growing fleet. Seeing this first installation come together in the new Tamarack European Installation Centre is fulfillment of that dream in part,” Tamarack Aerospace Founder and CEO Nick Guida said. “Keep an eye on us. We’re seeing more demand as word spreads about how the active winglet modification saves up to 33% of fuel usage, cuts down on noise pollution with shorter runways needs for takeoffs and landings and provides safer and smooth flight. So, we will have more to announce in the fall.”

One set of the active winglets were installed on a CJ1, while the second set were installed on a CJ2 owned by Sovereign Business Jets. SBJ has also purchased winglets for more of their fleet of aircraft, a CJ1.

”SBJ is excited to undertake the first European Installation of Tamarack’s Active Winglets on our recently purchased CJ2. With JMI’s expertise, the installation has gone smoothly and has been surprisingly speedy - just seven days from start to finish. The performance benefits and the stylish looks of the winglets made this an easy decision for us. We now have a second aircraft - a CJ1 - lined up for installation," said Garry Chalmers, managing director of Sovereign Business Jets.

“We are glad to see that the Oxford facility is working in collaboration with existing Tamarack Authorized Dealers in Europe. In the process of strengthening our business, we are now able to offer the same high level of service to our European customers that those in the United States experience,” says Danny Hiner, Tamarack Chief Operating Officer.

“The team performed beautifully on this first installation; and now that we can incorporate some lessons learned, it’s clear that future installations will only take about a week which is a huge benefit to our customers who value the minimized down time,” said Sam Middleton, Tamarack Sales Representative in Oxford.

The installation center operates independently out of the Oxford Jet Maintenance International facility.