County's insurance adjusters operating in bad faith

| September 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Has anyone else tried to get the county to pay for destroying our cars because of the botched chip seal job (last year)?

I called the county, and they were accommodating and admitted using a bad vendor and were aware of the tar damage. They said to send in a claim which we did. Then, their California insurance company says "no pictures, no pay."

We spent almost $1,000 getting our cars cleaned (thank you, 5th Avenue Detail). They even wrote us a letter that said that my car would not show the tar because it's black, not to mention who would know in advance we needed to take pictures.

They denied our claim because of no pictures (receipts, but no pictures). I guess they are saying 5th Avneue Detail and ourselves are liars. One car, we were able to secure photos because we had it cleaned so late in the year when 5th Avenue was taking pictures. They will pay for that but not my car, even though both vehicles travel the same road daily. Backed up with a letter also saying if we had pictures, it would not show. Hmmm …

Apparently, this also happened on Gypsy Bay and the Upper Pack River.

I'm not done with them yet, but if you have tar on your vehicles, let's join together and get them to pay and not pass the problem on to an LA insurance adjuster — bad faith insurance adjusters!