Rally should be possible without insults, lies

| September 10, 2020 1:00 AM

On Aug. 1 of this year I coordinated an event to show public support for the men and women in our law enforcement community here in Bonner County. The event, titled “Back the Bonner Blue,” drew over 200 local citizens, who came out on a warm Saturday afternoon, to cheer on our police officers, deputy sheriffs, 911 operators and dispatchers, and office clerks. As I pointed out to reporters from the Daily Bee, this was NOT a protest. This was a rally to support our blue. I likened it to a school holding a rally to cheer on their sports teams. The citizens who attended this rally were upbeat, joyous, and enthusiastic, as well as being respectful of passing pedestrian and vehicular traffic. There were no negative incidents, and everyone had a good time.

Unfortunately, one individual opined in a recent Bee editorial that this event was a “demonstration,” where participants waved signs and flags at passing cars. He further described the flags as “defaced American flags with a blue stripe,” and claimed that there was a Confederate battle flag. Please note that this individual never claimed he personally saw these items. He cryptically stated “so what did one see when driving by?” I was at the location of this event before it began, and I was the last person to leave when it was over. I never saw one Confederate battle flag. I walked both side of the street the entire time and took numerous photographs. In reviewing my photos, I did not see such a flag. I also contacted many of the attendees from the event. None of them saw such a flag.

Following several paragraphs of insults, innuendos, and snarky comments, the real reason for his letter shone through. Lo and behold, he claims “one saw Trump campaign signs.” (I still do not know if he saw them, as he only claims that “one” saw them.) The remainder of his letter is simply a ranting diatribe on what a terrible president Mr. Trump is. Just why this writer had to use a joyous community event as a segue to spew his hatred for our president is a mystery.

At the end of his letter, he blathered on with a “P.S.” footnote that rambled incoherently. There was a lot of gibberish about his letter being irrelevant, (the only point where I agree with him) something about two other letters, and ends with his opinion that law enforcement needs major reform. Of course he doesn’t elaborate on what that reform would consist of, and I doubt that he knows anything about law enforcement, other than his disdain for them.

I find it unfortunate that hundreds of Bonner County citizens can not hold a rally in support of our law enforcement community without being subjected to insults, innuendo, condescending remarks, and outright lies. If you have that much fury in your life, I suggest you seek professional counseling, and find a healthy way to channel your anger.