Vote as though your children’s future and life depend on it

| September 10, 2020 1:00 AM

Recently I wrote to our leaders who represent us in Washington, D.C. My concern was the national debt. It grows in grotesque portions daily.

My observation to them was of a graphic I had once seen that showed a football field with a stack of money that equaled a million dollars. Then, the graphic showed what a trillion dollars was, using equal stacks of a million to cover the field. $1 trillion covered the entire field, and spilled over the borders. The U.S. is over $27 trillion in deficit on our national debt. And, we all know who holds most of our I.O.U.s.

As Dr. Thomas Sowell, famed economist has stated, “We (U.S.) are in the ninth inning, two outs, with two strikes and a high inside fastball coming our way.”

Neither national party has acted with scrutiny without lying about the true costs of doing business. It’s all about buying the election. The answer, “simply print more money.” Pancho Villa did that in Mexico when he took over. Didn’t work then, won’t work now.

With 80 percent of restaurants in New York never coming back and people not working, who pays the debt? You and I. One could go on with small business all over the country, not surviving. Small business is the backbone of America. We live in fear, and it is instilled in us daily to help control the narrative that “all is lost.”

Many of the pettifoggers who control the chicanery of government should be fired. But, it is almost impossible to fire a bureaucrat. Quit being afraid and ask your government to respond, or don’t re-elect them. I never tell anyone how to vote, but this election is the most crucial in my lifetime, and we are in the ninth inning! More "giveaways" will not solve our problems. More spending will only break the already deeply fractured piggy bank. Vote as though your children’s future and life depend on it. It does.