President Trump dedicated to making America great

| September 13, 2020 1:00 AM

As I read the letters to the editor, I was in disbelief how anyone could decide that, as a Republican, to choose to vote for Biden because they think President Trump is a name caller and he economically ruined our country.

I wondered how she hadn’t seen that President Trump had and will again have the best economy ever. As my mom and I discussed our country’s concerns, my reaction was “how can someone be so stupid that they would vote for someone so opposite the Republican viewpoint over name calling?”

Biden is for late-term abortion, raising our taxes and deficit by trillions, turning to socialism having adopted Sanders' platform as his own, supports defunding or remaking our police, open borders and health care to those who come here, free college, and much more. Not to mention, overlooking extreme violence across our nation and believing that our country is inherently racist.

So, how much will all this cost? Who will pay for this? Yes, it will be all of us and we will have to live with our new nation, unlike anything we have ever seen.

As I continued to ask, “Who could be so stupid” she said, “You know, you sound just like President Trump. He is like everyday citizens, not born into politics saying only what he thinks people want to hear, he just says it like it is.” This is what we elected, a man like many of us, who just wants to make America great!