Steve Johnson is the clear choice for commissioner

| September 13, 2020 1:00 AM

The Republican Party was, but is no longer, my party. The Idaho Republican Party is the far-right party of Trump and all that entails. The far-right is a political force in Idaho. It is an almost given that Idaho’s four Electoral College votes will go to Trump. So, what do voters who want what is best for Bonner County and voted to pass school levies and the expansion of Medicaid, do in 2020. To these Independents, moderate Republicans, and Democrats, act locally.

The race for county commissioner has two clearly different candidates. The Republican candidate is the right-wing candidate. Steve Johnson, the Democrat candidate, is a fiscally conservative farmer and former educator who has lived in Bonner County 60-plus years. He will make decisions based on facts, not on ideology, and will do what is in everyone’s best interest. For more information on Steve’s positions please visit his Website: “VOTE on 11/3/20.”

You have a real choice in 2020. Look beyond whether the candidate has a D or an R behind their name. Contrast and compare Steve Johnson with the Republican candidate and then cast your vote for the person who you consider to be better County Commissioner. Steve Johnson is the clear choice.