Trout Lake Trail restoration project to begin

| September 23, 2020 1:00 AM

COLVILLE — The Trout Lake trailhead is closed from Trout Lake Campground to the Emerald Lake Trail Junction through Oct. 31.

Located on the Three Rivers Ranger District of the Colville National Forest, Trout Lake Trail is west of Kettle Falls starting at the Trout Lake Campground. Beginning at the Trout Lake Trailhead, repairs will be done to replace the existing boardwalk, U.S. Forest Service officials said in a press release. In addition, a new footbridge will be installed to lessen ecological impacts on the surrounding area.

Once the repairs and construction are complete on the lower section, work will progress up trail to the Emerald Lake junction. At 1.6 miles from the trailhead, rocks, boulders, and soil will be hauled up to the natural washout area so reconstruction of that part of the trail can take place, officials said.

"These materials will be added to the existing hillside to help reestablish the trail foundation, which will allow us to keep the current trail route," officials said.

During the final stage of construction, hazard trees will be removed from the campground up the Trout Lake Trail. Trail construction work is anticipated to have very limited impact on Trout Lake Campground, with the facility remaining open. Hazard trees within the campground will be evaluated and removed during periods of infrequent use to minimize impact to those visiting the site.

The entrance onto the Hoodoo Canyon Trail 17 from Deadman Road will remain open to allow access to Emerald Lake. Those visiting the area are reminded to not go past the trail junction to ensure the safety of themselves and workers on the trail.

Information: Colville National Forest online, 509-684-7000