SHS swim tops Lakeland, honors 13 seniors

Sports Editor | September 28, 2020 12:55 PM

SANDPOINT — Sandpoint swim bested Lakeland in its sole home meet this season Saturday at the Litehouse YMCA.

The Bulldogs took down the Hawks by a combined score of 289-176.

"I thought we did really well," Sandpoint head coach Greg Jackson said. "I was really impressed with what the boys and the girls did. We've got four kids out due to illness and a couple of them last minute and we had to rearrange some kids and they all stepped up, so that was a really cool feeling."

Sandpoint won nine of the 11 events on the girls side and eight of the 11 on the boys.

In the middle of the meet, the Bulldogs honored their 13 seniors. The Senior Night celebration was different than years past. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, no fans were allowed in the venue, so the ceremony was held in the grass behind the Litehouse YMCA.

It certainly had a different feel to it, but each senior got their moment to shine. Jackson reflected on his time with the seniors and presented each one with a rose.

Jackson said this group helped him develop his coaching style and the support he has received from them and their parents over the years has been amazing.

"From my perspective, this senior class means everything to the program," he said. "This class is the last class that Mike [Brosnahan] and I coached together before he stepped down from a high school position, so it's a very special class to me. It was difficult to essentially say goodbye to them."

On the girls side, sophomore Emily Ballard claimed victories in the 200 IM and 100 fly and senior Kate Bokowy took first in the 50 free and 100 back.

"I continue to be impressed with Kate Bokowy," Jackson said. "I think she is the strongest she has ever been. Her technique is on point and her attitude is on point. She's really fun to watch."

Sophomore Ayiana Prevost grabbed the 400 free title and second in the 200 IM, and senior Kaya Wright secured first in the 100 free and second in the 100 back.

"She had shoulder surgery in the offseason," Jackson said about Wright, "and she's really had to work at it. Her mobility isn't all the way there yet and she really swam well, especially in the relays, and performed for her team."

The girls won all three relays and each senior contributed to a victory.

The boys showed their depth against the Hawks. Junior Hayden Leavitt had wins in the 200 IM and 400 free. Senior Hayden Norling captured first in the 100 free and second in the 100 breast and sophomore Caleb Norling grabbed the victory in the 200 free and took runner-up in the 400 free.

Senior Jake Aitken notched first in the 50 free and second in the 100 free. The team won two of the three relays.

Jackson said the boys' top swimmers were at their best and seniors Clayton Eberle, Jacob Slocum, Collin Dodd, Neal Causey and Caleb Wyman all made significant contributions to help the team win.

"All those kids had really good meets," he said. "They may not always be a first or second place swimmer, but they swam very well today. It was very impressive."

With everything going, Jackson said the Bulldogs continue to be grateful that they get a chance to compete.

"We're trying to do everything we can to be mindful of the pandemic, follow the right protocols and just do what we can to make sure that we do have an opportunity because we've already gotten some scares," he said. "We're just thankful to be able to be together."

Sandpoint takes on Lake City in a dual meet on Saturday, Oct. 10, at the Kroc Center.


DUAL SCORES — Girls: Sandpoint 159, Lakeland 97. Boys: Sandpoint 130, Lakeland 79. Combined: Sandpoint 289, Lakeland 176.


200-yard medley relay — 1, Sandpoint A (Caitlyn Smith, Sabrina Wilson, Chandler Sanborn, Kaya Wright), 2:33.50. 2, Lakeland A, 2:35.29.

200 freestyle — 1, Paige Jameson, Lakeland, 2:58.23. 2, Abby Hobbs, Lakeland, 3:05.18. 3, Cassidy Aitken, Sandpoint, 3:05.29.

200 IM — 1, Emily Ballard, Sandpoint, 2:51.86. 2, Ayiana Prevost, Sandpoint, 3:05.70. 3, Caitlyn Smith, Sandpoint, 3:32.47.

50 freestyle — 1, Kate Bokowy, Sandpoint, 29.54. 2, Sydney Garrity, Lakeland, 32.90. 3, Maren Davidson, Sandpoint, 34.04.

100 butterfly — 1, Emily Ballard, Sandpoint, 1:27.78. 2, McKinley Jensen, Sandpoint, 1:43.00. 3, Chandler Sanborn, Sandpoint, 1:44.78.

100 freestyle — 1, Kaya Wright, Sandpoint, 1:10.96. 2, Maren Davidson, Sandpoint, 1:17.15. 3, Sarah Smith, Lakeland, 1:18.92.

400 freestyle — 1, Ayiana Prevost, Sandpoint, 5:29.81. 2, Annika Olson, Lakeland, 5:40.87. 3, McKinley Jensen, Sandpoint, 6:01.40.

200 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint A (KJ Otterson-Johansen, Kaya Wright, Caitlyn Smith, Kate Bokowy), 2:22.23. 2, Sandpoint B, 2:28.60

100 backstroke — 1, Kate Bokowy, Sandpoint, 1:16.30. 2, Kaya Wright, Sandpoint, 1:21.00. 3, Elle Brown, Lakeland, 1:46.14.

100 breaststroke — 1, Annika Olson, Lakeland, 1:29.03. 2, Sabrina Wilson, Sandpoint, 1:30.75. 3, Sydney Garrity, Lakeland, 1:35.11.

400 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint A (Emily Ballard, Ayiana Prevost, McKinley Jensen, Kate Bokowy), 4:43.55. 2, Lakeland A, 5:28.81.


200-yard medley relay — 1, Lakeland A (Logan Harris, Soren Sabatke, Jarron Kremin, Bradley Grubham), 2:21.89. 2, SHS B, 2:29.64.

200 freestyle — 1, Caleb Norling, Sandpoint, 2:12.20. 2, Logan Harris, Lakeland, 2:33.78. 3, Luc Leblanc, Sandpoint, 2:51.45.

200 IM — 1, Hayden Leavitt, Sandpoint, 2:29.45. 2, Soren Sabatke, Lakeland, 3:04.19.

50 freestyle — 1, Jake Aitken, Sandpoint, 27.22. 2, Clayton Eberly, Sandpoint, 31.17.

100 butterfly — 1, Jarron Kremin, Lakeland, 1:18.08. 2, Bradley Grubham, Lakeland, 1:41.41.

100 freestyle — 1, Hayden Norling, Sandpoint, 1:00.22. 2, Jake Aitken, Sandpoint, 1:03.25. 3, Collin Dodd, Sandpoint, 1:04.54.

400 freestyle — 1, Hayden Leavitt, Sandpoint, 4:39.85. 2, Caleb Norling, Sandpoint, 4:40.81. 3, Jarron Kremin, Lakeland, 5:41.75.

200 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint A (Collin Dodd, Jacob Slocum, Hayden Norling, Jake Aitken), 1:53.82. 2, Lakeland A, 2:08.75.

100 backstroke — 1, Collin Dodd, Sandpoint, 1:18.60. 2, Campbell Wyman, Sandpoint, 2:01.53.

100 breaststroke — 1, Soren Sabatke, Lakeland, 1:18.92. 2, Hayden Norling, Sandpoint, 1:19.06. 3, Jacob Slocum, Sandpoint, 1:42.20.

400 freestyle relay — 1, Sandpoint A (Hayden Leavitt, Hayden Norling, Jake Aitken, Caleb Norling), 4:03.03. 2, Lakeland A, 5:08.01.


Sophomore Emily Ballard swims in the 200 IM during the home meet against Lakeland on Sept. 26 at Litehouse YMCA.


Sophomore Ayiana Prevost competes in the 200 IM Saturday at the Litehouse YMCA. Prevost claimed the 400 free and took second in the 200 IM.


Senior Neal Causey swims in the 200 medley relay on Saturday.


Senior Campbell Wyman swims in the 200 medley relay on Saturday.


Senior Chandler Sanborn competes in the 200 medley relay on Sept. 26 at the Litehouse YMCA.


Senior Sabrina Wilson swims in the 200 medley relay Saturday at the Litehouse YMCA.