Monday, April 12, 2021

It's never a good idea to make assumptions

| April 6, 2021 1:00 AM

All of us here in North Idaho, very much appreciate the concern you have for us out here in the wild. We certainly respect your feelings, and realize how absurd it is that parents here are actually allowed to do what they feel is best or want for their children.

You noted that the parents were “gleefully encouraging their children to burn masks?” I have never heard of anyone here in North Idaho, described as “gleeful;” in general we are described as hearty, healthy and happy. I think all here would agree that gleeful is not a good fit for us or anything we do.

You note that you will soon have the vaccine, both of them even. That is a choice that you feel is right, but honestly, per the CDC and following the strictest guidelines, the risk of COVID is still very much a risk with the vaccine and interstate travel on an airplane is certainly a highly dangerous and irresponsible choice to make (at least that is what the media all wants us to believe.)

It is upsetting that you infer that we showed “unconcern for our community welfare,” I can assure you, we all deeply love our community, each other and the lives that we live here. Also, I would think all of us here take offense to say we are “irresponsible” and I question, why you feel the right to decide what behavior is good for us and acceptable. Please be assured and be at peace with the fact that we will survive and thrive here in a world that is so absurdly different from yours in Oak Park, Illinois. This is notion that the vast majority of the USA tends to judge us by, how they live and view the world they are in, should be as such here in North Idaho. I think we all know and even the good book says, never a good idea to judge …