Monday, April 12, 2021

We can't give up in COVID-19 overtime

| April 6, 2021 1:00 AM

The  New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons, 34–28 in Super Bowl LI The Patriots overcame the largest deficit in Super Bowl history (28-3) to win in overtime. Due to the comeback, the Falcons' blown 28–3 lead would enter NFL lore. The game was also the first and currently only Super Bowl to be decided in overtime.

How would you feel about the Patriots if they had given up in overtime?

We are now in COVID overtime. Patriots don't quit. We will lose without a final push. Idaho is now a hot spot and Bonner county is a hot spot within Idaho. Please, Get a COVID-19 vaccine. wear a mask to protect yourself and others and stop the spread of COVID-19, stay at least 6 feet (about 2 arm lengths) from others who don’t live with you. Avoid crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. The more people you are in contact with, the more likely you are to be exposed to COVID-19. Even if you have been vaccinated, the data is not in on whether you can spread it or not, and what will happen with the new variants.

A new study indicates that 3 feet distance may be enough. The CDC has recommended 3 feet distance for school children and is still studying it, but  recommends 6 for the rest of us. We have to wait for that measurement to see whether this will be a first down. Hopefully, no one will be off-sides in this last play.