Sunday, May 09, 2021

Let's vote to keep library trustees on the job

| April 27, 2021 1:00 AM

The encouraging piece about reviving the Festival at Sandpoint failed to mention the threat to that plan by local, uneducated, elected yahoos who feel insecure going to the grocery store, the drugstore, school, church, a picnic, visiting the neighbors or attending the festival unless armed to the teeth. Is it possible that these kissin’ cousins to the unlettered no-maskers seeking membership on the Sandpoint library board going to show some civility and permit a gun-free festival? Or might costumed militia losers courageously storm the festival like their unattractive, anti-America role models stormed the capitol building in January? Sandpoint doesn’t need violence-oriented gunslingers at the festival or unlearned malcontents on the library board. Next month, let’s all vote for common sense and keep our able and  incumbent library trustees on the job.



P.S. The author is a former local library trustee and retired public relations director of the original AT&T, parent company of the former Bell Telephone System.