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Quigley, Elmore remain atop derby

Staff Writer | April 30, 2021 1:00 AM

SANDPOINT — It was a nice day on the lake as several anglers caught their way onto the leaderboard in the Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club's Spring Derby.

Pete Quigley maintained his spot atop the adult rainbow division with a 25.30-pound, 35-inch rainbow he caught on the derby's second day. Kevin Elmore maintained his spot atop the adult Mackinaw division with a 16.15-pound, 35-inch Mack he caught on the third day of the derby.

In second in the adult rainbow division is Doug Sheldon, who caught a 23.5-pound rainbow, followed by Mary Marienau with a 22.5-pound fish, Susan Houk is fourth with a 20-pound fish, Denya Spielman is fifth with a 18.05-pound fish. Marineau, Houk, and Spielman all opted to release their fish.

On the Mackinaw side, Elmore is followed by Steve Wolfe with a 14.96-pound fish, Scott Plue with a 12.86-pound fish, Patrick Raynor with a 10.77-pound fish, Donny Endicott, who caught 10.4-pound Mack, Gale Belgarde with a 10.2-pound fish, Paul Bel with a 9.9-pound fish, Marc Hull with a 9.86-pound fish, Dale Greene with a 9.65-pound Mack, and Lisa Greene finishes off the leaderboard with a 6.9-pound fish.

Ashlynn McCorkle is leading the Junior Division with an 11-pound, 29 3/4 inch fish.

In the Youth B Division, Kole Kramer continues to lead the way with a 32-inch rainbow caught on on opening day. In second is Owen Belgarde, 3, who caught a 29-inch rainbow for the honors; followed by Savanna Long, 7, who nabbed a 25 1/4-inch rainbow to claim third place in the division.

Ticket outlets for the 2021 derby can be found in a number of businesses from Sandpoint to Bayview as well as several in Coeur d'Alene. Those interested in joining the club and signing up for the derby can do both at these locations.


2021 Lake Pend Oreille Idaho Club

Spring Derby

April 29 standings

Adult Rainbow Division

  1. Pete Quigley, 25.30 pounds, 35 inches; 2. Doug Sheldon, 23.5, 36; 3. Mary Marienau, 22.5, 34 1/2 (released); 4. Susan Houk, 20, 34.5 (released); 5. Denya Spielman, 18.05, 33 3/4 (released).

Adult Mackinaw Division

  1. Kevin Elmore, 16.15 pounds, 35 inches; 2. Steve Wolfe, 14.96, 36; 3. Scott Plue, 12.86, 31; 4. Patrick Raynor, 10.77, 30; 5. Donny Endicott, 10.4, 32; 6. Gale Belgarde, 10.2, 31; 7. Paul Bel, 9.9, 31 1/2; 8. 9.86, 29 1/2; 9. Dale Greene, 9.65, 30; 10. Lisa Greene, 6.9, 27;

Junior Division (14- to 17-year-olds)

  1. Ashlynn McCorkle

Youth A Division (9- to 13-year-olds)

No fish caught yet.

Youth B Division (8 and younger)

  1. Kole Kramer, 8, 32-inch rainbow; 2. Owen Belgarde, 3, 29-inch rainbow; 3. Savanna Long, 7, 25 1/4-inch rainbow.

Adult German Brown - Dale Greene, 0.93 pounds, 14 inches.

Winner of Frisky Jenny Challenge

Doug Sheldon

Mackinaw of the Day

Apri 24 – Steve Wolfe

April 25 — Marc Hull

April 26 – Kevin Elmore

April 27 — Paul Bel

April 28 — AnnaLeasha Rehard

April 29 — Scott Plue