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Taylors open blinds business in Bonner County

Staff Writer | April 30, 2021 1:00 AM

For Emma and Sean Taylor, starting a business together was a long time coming.

With 10 years of experience each, the couple said they decided to start Bonner County Blinds and Shades so they could take their time and provide better service for their customers.

In the past, Emma said, working for larger companies meant that when customers wanted to talk she wouldn’t have as much time for them as she’d like.

“I wanted to make those connections, and treat them like people,” Emma said. “We really wanted to be able to give that kind of one-on-one attention.”

In addition, she said, starting the business meant she and her husband were able to make more sales decisions on the spot to help clients, such as throwing in a service for free, and be upfront about the products they were selling.

The two take time to fully educate their clients about the pros and cons of different options, Emma said, and work with individuals’ goals in mind.

“We can be a little more candid with our clients [than when we worked for other companies],” she said. “I’m not a fantastic salesperson, however, I’m incredibly knowledgeable.”

While Emma handles more of the sales and accounting for the business, Sean does the installations and repairs for Hunter Douglas shades, he said.

Before starting their joint venture, Sean had run his own installation company. After beginning sales in just the past few months, now is a difficult time to open, he said. While it is stressful running their own business, Sean said it is also rewarding.

“It’s not as safe, it’s not as secure,” he said, “[but] it’s definitely better for mental health, at least for me. Especially to be in control of our own hours.”

Although some couples might balk at the thought of working together full-time, Emma and Sean have been enjoying the chance to spend more time together, they said.

For Sean, the change to working with his wife has been a welcome one, he said.

“Before, we would just come home and be like, ‘I miss you!’” Sean said.

Sean and Emma met years before either started in the blinds business, when Sean’s sister worked as Emma’s manager at Family Christian Stores, Emma said. One day Sean came in to help with inventory, and the two hit it off.

Since then, they’ve been inseparable. Sean got a job installing blinds, then brought Emma on when the company needed someone else to help with management and bookkeeping.

Now, finally working for themselves, the couple is excited for the future ahead.

“We definitely balance each other out,” Emma said. “After a job is done or we’ve finished at a client's, we'll get lunch together, which is really nice.”

Bonner County Blinds and Shades can be found online at bcblindsandshades.com and Facebook.


(Courtesy photo)

Sean Taylor installs blinds. Along with his wife, Emma, Taylor has launched Bonner County Blinds and Shades.


(Courtesy photo)

Emma Taylor, pictured above, and her husband, Sean, have launched Bonner County Blinds and Shades.