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Priest River outlines snow removal procedure

Hagadone News Network | December 29, 2021 1:00 AM

PRIEST RIVER — The city’s snow removal procedure remains as it has in past years — plow the downtown first before moving to major collector roads, school routes and bus routes.

After that the city will plow the remaining residential areas.

“Our goal is to complete a full city plow on the first day,” said Laurel Thomas, city clerk.

The city will not clear on-street parking areas or remove snow from private property, but we will make every effort to clear at least 10 feet of berm that may have accumulated in the right-of-way in front of your driveway.

On-street parking: City code states “It shall be unlawful for any person to park a vehicle within six feet of the normally traveled portion of any city street at any place within the residential area of the city at any time after snow has fallen, and the accumulation of snow is such that it covers said street, or in such a way as to disrupt normal snowplowing operations. Said parking restrictions shall remain in effect after the snow has ceased to fall and until snow removal operations have been completed. However, this provision shall not apply to physicians on emergency calls. (Ord. 493, 12-18-2006)”

Any vehicle, camper, trailer, boat, etc. is parked on a city street, make sure that it is at least six feet off the traveled surface, said Thomas.

City officials said they will do everything they can to notify owners of vehicles that are obstructing plow operations. Vehicles that impede snow plowing operations may be towed. They encouraged everyone to utilize off street parking as much as possible during snow events.

Garbage pick-up takes place on Mondays. City officials asked residents to try to have carts out of the right of way by Tuesday.

It is unlawful to plow or snow blow into the city right-of-way but, more importantly, into the travel way, city officials said. Not only can it create a travel hazard for citizens, but larger berms can freeze and create plow hazards for the Public Works crew.

Remember when plowing a driveway, parking area or parking lot, to make sure it does not impede onto the city street.

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